The foundation is the most important part of any building. The stronger it is, the stronger will be the building. This logic applies to a career as well. Teachers at Indu Classes help you build student's foundation so strong that they become familiar with the concepts of Commerce stream clearly. The friendly environment helps students open up to the faculties so that their doubts are removed in time and in totality. Such strong conceptual clarity, in turn, elevates students in future professional studies and careers. lndu Classes has been a pioneer in shaping bright careers over more than 25 years and it's counting on! I am grateful to Indu Classes for helping me achieve my career goals by imparting a thorough knowledge of Commerce subjects in 11th-12th.

Partner of D. Namah & Co.

It's like yesterday, memories are still alive with Indu sir and Madam. I am glad to be your student, As you gave me the strength to leading in every race. Thanks for the challenges you have made me face, that daily homework, exercises, and prayers at the beginning of class still helping me lot. I am grateful for everything you gave me. You didn't just teach, you mentored. That medal which I had achieved in Indu class is still with me, I cannot forget star batch. I was keen to announced as star batch student. A million thanks to Indu Sir and Smita Madam.

Partner of D. Namah & Co.

Respectable Indu Sir and Smita Mam, Teachers like you are - a pillar of support, an epitome of strength, as loving as a mother, as strict as a father, as caring as a friend, a disciplinarian, yet always so approachable and warm at heart. That's precisely what a teacher is, for every student. Teachers are mentors. They are the student's role models. Everything they say feels right. Everything about them looks nice. I have been lucky to have teachers like you. I extend my sincere thanks for giving such a wonderful education to me which helps me a lot to build a good career as Judge, I always use your ethics and learning in my day to day business and it will help me throughout my career.

Additional Senior Civil Judge & Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Petlad

I am really thankful to Indu Sir & Smita madam to lift my career and me to this stage. In standard 10th, I got an average result. Then I joined Indu Classes and my basic concepts of accountancy got very clear. InduParivaar motivated me and supported me to get good results in 12th standard. Because of the positive result and a career-oriented environment, I gained confidence and now I am a CA and have a high position in a well known MNC. I'm grateful to Indu classes.

Finance Controller in a well renowned MNC.

I had a life changing experience at lndu classes. The methodology of teaching helped me build a strong foundation for my career. I appreciate the values of Indu Sir &Smita Mam about sincerity and hard work. Indu classes added a lot of core values to my personality. Expressing just gratitude is not sufficient for the efforts of Sir & Mam. Systematic way of teaching, the building of higher moral values, giving clear direction for designing your future goals, feel at home environment. I highly recommend any 1 1 th commerce students to undergo training at Indu classes. It will not only help in academics.

Cener Head Aditya Birla skills foundation, Vadodara.

ShreemadBhagavadgita emphasizes three Yoga viz. Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga. The philosophy of Action (Karma) accomplishes the will, the philosophy of Knowledge (Gyan) fulfills the intellect and the philosophy of Devotion (Bhakti) satisfies emotion. Similarly, in Indu Classes, We were guided by these three principles. Further, I always felt personal care of Sir and Mam while being in Indu Classes. This personal care was very much missed during graduation and post-graduation studies.

Credit Risk Analyst, Aditya Birla Capital.