Director Desk

Directorโ€™s Interaction :-

Our director often takes time out of his busy schedule and classes to talk to the students and leave them with motivation. He shares his expertise and clears their doubts. Sparking a fire in the students to thrive for the best, he instills them with courage and the desire to achieve.

Mr. Indaravadan Patel

  • - Ex visiting Lecturer at M.S.U.
  • - Ex banker from Punjab and Sindh Bank.

Our founder and director; he is a meticulous and workaholic man, who spends 12-13 hours a day with the students. And even on Sunday's, he doesn't rest.

His favorite book is the ShrimadBhagwataGita and

He teaches Accountancy in Gujarati medium and is famous for his motivational talks that leave our students with the will to go on.

Mrs. Smita Patel

  • - M.Com/ B.ed.

Our director; she is a member of Akhil Vishwa Gayatri Parivaar, Haridwar. Actively involved in the scheduled planning of course completion, she keeps the team together and is very spiritual.

She loves talking to the students and teaches Economics and O.C. in Gujarati Medium.